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The Pivarootsi estate — with its beautiful nature and pleasant birdsong brings to mind peace and quiet and a breath of fresh salt air. Pivarootsi is located in a wildlife preserve (200 m from the shore), where it is possible to watch birds and become familiar with diverse vegetation.

Strolling through the junipers and pines or wandering across the large meadows and grasslands, you will find a cozy house that is about 170 years old. Also the sea, which late on warm summer nights, invites you to stroll along the shore or row across the shimmering water. And there are more possibilities for enjoying life a bit differently. If you don't care about a comfortable bed, but long to spend the night under the starry sky, you can go camping, and in the morning, briskly go off fishing. The different seasons are different colors - in the spring, the golden cowslips are in bloom, in the summer the trees turn green, toward the autumn, the light purple heath paths take over, and the winter is sparkling white.

Pivarootsi Manor is opened for the guests!

The house itself is like a fortress -surrounded by a shallow closed bay, which in turn is surrounded by islands and peninsulas. Old stonewalls, limestone estate sheds, and naturally, the Pivarootsi manor house (currently under renovation) delight the eye. The first mention in the records of the proerty is from 1592, when part of Karinõmme manor. He becomes separate in the manor in 1678 .

Everyone is welcome at Pivarootsi - nature lovers, hikers, history enthusiasts and people who just want to rest and relax.

Where is Pivarootsi?

Pivarootsi in Läänemaa

Pivarootsi in Estonia Pivarootsi in Europe Pivarootsi in the World

What manor has to offer?

Our little house has 6 room, which can accommodate 14 people.

The entire house:
2 floors, 6 rooms, fireplace hall, kitchen, sauna, 2 WC, shower.

On the first floor

  • Sailor's room — sleeps 2
  • Cabin boy's room — sleeps 2
  • Hobgoblin's room — sleeps 2

On the second floor

  • Helmsman's room — sleeps 2
  • Boatswain's room — sleeps 2
  • Captain's room — sleeps 4

Prices are as follows

  • Accommodations per person — 30.- EUR
  • Rent of the entire house (Sat-Sun) — 355.- EUR
  • Rent of the entire house (Fri-Sun) — 555.- EUR
  • Rent of the entire house (per week) — 1300.- EUR

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